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PEds Plus Boot Camp
February 24-26, 2022
Sherman College Of Chiropractic
Gelardi Center
Peds Plus Boot CamP
None of us have to be convinced that the first subluxations typically begin even before the birth process begins. 

During the Peds+ Boot Camp, you will be able to watch the pros in action so that you can confidently replicate the work in your practice. Raise your hand and get involved throughout the entire conference. Though we'll be in the grand Gelardi Center, we'll operate like a small, intimate. hands-on classroom.

THIS is the training that you have been longing for! This is where learning, rehearsal, and guidance all collide to ensure your practice members receive extraordinary care.


February 24 - Hands On Training
February 25 - Training And Labs
February 26 - Execution & Application

Where: Sherman College Of Chiropractic | Gelardi  Center

PEds Boot Camp 2020
"It's easier to raise healthy children than to repair broken adults."
PEds Plus Boot Camp

Dr Babara Eaton

Dr ShaRhae Matousek

Dr Monika Buerger

Dr Jessi Janorshke

Dr Sara Perry

Dr Kayla Abeid

Dr Danielle Armold

Dr Chelsea Rainey

Where will the event take place? 
Sherman College Of Chiropractic | Gelardi Center
Where do I stay?
Where do I fly in?
You can fly into GSP Greenville Spartanburg Airport. Then, it's about 25 minutes to Sherman.
Is this a LIVE or Virtual Event?
This is a LIVE and VIRTUAL event! View schedule here!
What's the schedule?
Is lunch included?
Lunch IS included for VIP ONLY on Friday and Saturday (February 25 & 26th)
What states are approved for CEs?
CEs will be offered in select states for virtual and in person attendance. Approved States as of now Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming, Newfoundland (CAN), Ontario (CAN).
Pending approval: AL, FL, GA, KS, KY, ME, MN, MO, NH, NJ, NY, NC, ND, PA, SA, TN, TX, WI, AR, New Brunswick & Puerto Rico

Recently added: TN

Will the replay be available?
YES! Attendees will have access to the replay for 60 days!
Can I receive CEs for the replay?
Nope! You must attended LIVE in person or virtually to receive CEs. The virtual event will be monitored.
What's the dress code?
We'll be filming so dress in accordance for how you want to look on film
Can my team come?
Yes! They can purchase an 'admission' ticket.
Can kids come?
We love your cherubs! We also love a stress-free learning environment, which is why we have two options to experience the Pediatric PLUS Boot Camp: LIVE or Virtual. 

Nursing infants, 0-4 months are permitted in the Boot Camp learning space provided they're sleeping and/or completely quiet. 

Squeaky toys, cooing (even though it IS adorable), crying, etc is not permitted. 

Please note that at the time of this writing, there are no COVID restrictions preventing babies in the learning room; however, IF there are changes between now and February 24th, it is your responsibility to abide by them. We don't have any options on this. Sorry.

Per Sherman: We will accept children on campus for CE events. We do request anytime minors are on campus, regardless of the event, for risk and liability reasons, they are not to be left unattended and cannot be a disruption/disturbance to the instructional or work environment (ex. they must be with an adult, not allowed to roam campus alone, not allowed to be loud or disruptive (crying/yelling) in the instructional area regardless of it being the CE presentation room, other Sherman classes that may be occurring or to offices where daily business is occurring).
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