NOW Is The Time To Fine-Tune

Your FUN & PROFITABLE Practice!

Join The Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp 

Nashville, TN

Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2023

2800 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, USA

NOW is the time to fine-tune your FUN, profitable, and sustainable practice!

Join The Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp 

Nashville, TN

December 1-3, 2022

Is your habit to really dig deep into your practice’s metrics, plans, and strategies from the current year to craft a winning road map for the coming year?

If you said, “No”, you’re not alone. Sadly, “No” is how most chiropractors answer that question. This leaves docs being owned BY their businesses instead of being in the driver’s seat of a well-oiled, highly profitable, and impactful brand.

Your full participation at this year’s Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp will set you up as your brand’s Chief Cultural Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Executive Officer.

It’s time to start BEING (instead of pretending) a highly successful entrepreneur who knows the intricacies of business success and has results to back it up.

Only 40 30 spots available!

This is not just an event. This is a transformational experience.

I get how frustrating it can be to spend years being dedicated and working hard to change lives in your community and yet come up “empty-handed” and living less than the life that you dreamed of having.

At The Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp, you’ll be immersed in training and hands-on, workshop-style exercises that put you in the incubator to be the wildly successful chiropractic business owner you have always wanted to be!

Introducing The Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp

Introducing the New Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp

LIVE, Intensive Marketing Boot Camp

Nov 30 - Dec 2

Nashville, TN

Expect an over-the-top experience that gives you what you’ve always wanted to get out of a seminar.

Rich Carr, co-creator of Brain-centric Design, is doing an entire session of marketing in the BcD way! Liz Hoefer, ShaRhae, Angela Matousek and Monica Egan can vouch that it's a MIND BEND and sooooo very cooL!! It's like the marketing "tool" that chiropractic has been waiting for since 1895!

AND Jane App will be with us for a full session too! They'll be showing you all of the aspects of their app that you're likely unaware of and how to make your CRM and billing even easier! They'll answer questions; help clean up any macros or other issues you may be having; and so much more!!

My accountant, Mario, will also be doing a session focusing on: budgeting for profits; bonus'; PTO done right; missed tax deductions that are leaving money on the table; establishing profitable fee systems; and so much more.

My coach, Demi, will be helping us uncover how to remove the blockages that keep us from loving sales through extraordinary service.

I'm bringing my A-Team to you because you're my people!! I am committed to doing everything that I possibly can for you to create a life that exceeds your wildest imaginations!!!


  • Deep, Meaningful Connections with like-minded people

  • Discover how to specifically boost your practice’s efficiency

  • Evaluate and run your business as a CCO, CFO, CMO, and CEO

  • Industry Leading Professionals

  • 5 Elements Of Core Messaging

  • Budgeting for Profits with Mario

  • Brain-centric Design Applied To Your Marketing

  • Financial Templates To Keep You On Track

  • Learn how to use your stats to create a tailor-made comprehensive business strategy to smash your goals

  • Identify Key Profit Channels In Your Practice

  • A MAJOR confidence boost that just keeps growing

  • Goal Setting That Aligns With Your Culture

  • Identifying and Remove Blockages from Sales

  • Brain-centric Design Basics with Rich Carr

  • Team Focused Workshop Time


Here's why you can't pass this up!

Your Fellow Chiros LOVE This Boot Camp...

& You Will, Too!

Want to feel like you won the lottery?

"Private coaching with Dr. Barbara feels like winning the lottery. I was just sharing with my step mom what private coaching has been doing in my life and in my mind. This was her response "'s like you won the lottery".

-Dr. Ashley Wilcoxson, Springdale, Arkansas

Want to create your perfect day?

"I am slowing down... to create my perfect day with the number of people I want to see! Slowing the hamster wheel and creating new directions...Strategic partners are moving into my space thanks to Dr. Barb...I am focusing on lateral growth instead of only vertical.


- Dr. Stacey Lowe, Wasilla, Alaska

Have you settled? ENGAGE! Now is the time!

"WOW!!! Just got a Private Coaching call from Dr. Barbara Eaton, love this lady. She constantly elevates me to see the "Bigger Picture" by making my PTO bigger. Say what??? As a Chiropractor, husband & father I want to give my 100% all of the time by utilizing my talents, gifts and money. Today I was reminded, THANK YOU Dr. Barbara Eaton, to not look from the perspective of what I think is achievable, but from what is possible. The possibilities are endless. I began settling because I have grown so much and have out accomplished my wildest dreams. I started looking back DOWN today at where I came from, settling where I'm at because I had succeeded. I lost focus of my other dreams and aspirations. Today however, with GREAT coaching from Dr. Barbara Eaton, I got the fire back and now understand that I get to PLAY in a much bigger pot and have the ability to serve far more while creating a legacy for future generations of my FAMILY and COMMUNITY.

P.S. I do NOT get paid to say this, however this lady will change your life if you go all in and Private Coach with her, just sayin'."

- Dr. David Croxford, Puyallup, Washington

take a leap for yourself!

"You'll never make a better investment than the one in yourself. Wednesday's call was about ig/social media but that nugget was the biggest takeaway for me and by far has been evident time and time again in my life. Private coaching with barbara eaton has taken my thinking to the next level. this has taken my business to another level with such ease. the investment was scary, not gonna lie, but through challenges we rise. highly Recommend you take a leap for yourself in some fashion.

- Dr. liz walker, missoula, montana

Need a Game Changer?

"I first reached out to Dr. Barbara Eaton when I was just about two weeks into starting my practice. I was excited to get started, but realized I didn’t know quite WHERE to start! Coaching with Dr. Barb has been a huge game-changer for me. On our very first call, she coached me for an event that I was doing the next day, and I scheduled EIGHT new practice members! My practice has continued to grow with her support, and my confidence has grown exponentially. There is no better investment you can make in your business or in yourself than coaching with Dr. Barb."

-Dr. Rebecca Brouillette, Biddeford, Maine

Treasured Investment...

"I love coaches and constantly working with a multitude of professionals to help me create and realize more and dive deep into my journey. And Dr. Barbara Eaton has been one of my most treasured investments."

-Dr. Sara Perry, Lakewood, Ohio

Hitting All-Time Highs

"I have been in the Boot Camp for about 14 months now. Being 18 years in practice and working with multiple coaching groups over the years, I was sure that I had 'heard it all' with regards to practice growth. Boy was I wrong! My practice grew during the pandemic and we are hitting all-time-highs with regard to patient visits AND income. Joining the Boot camp was definitely one of the best practice decisions I have ever made. Thank you Dr. Barb!"

-Dr. Susan Frain, DePere, Wisconsin

Lit my practice up and I’m having so much fun!

"Dr. Eaton is a great listener, she has this ability to tune into the heart of my overwhelm and bring clarity to my concern. She is also a great speaker and coach. She is straight forward and gets to the truth of the matter, and gets me out of my boxed thinking. She leads with love, pours love into all those around her, and teaches me how to do the same. I am so grateful I said yes to joining her Boot Camp, and am grateful for this tribe! In just a few weeks I've been a member of the Boot Camp the energy I receive from this group has lit my practice up and I've never had so much fun doing what I love! Thanks Dr. Barb and the Boot Camp tribe!"

- Dr. Virginia Kampmeier, Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Barbara Eaton

Dr. Barbara Eaton is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, transformational coach, and top leader in the chiropractic industry. She started her own entrepreneurial journey when she was 29, opening her chiropractic practice in Michigan. She went from 0 to 180 office visits per week within 89 days of opening. Six months later, she began coaching others to create explosive and successful new businesses instead of struggling to barely make ends meet.


Dr. Barbara shows her audiences and clients exactly how the mind works and how thinking creates our reality. She believes that once we understand this, every single delicious dream, deep desire, and fresh idea can be ours.

From this insight, Dr. Barbara has created her award-winning 56-Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to Double Your Business, founded The Women’s Chiropractic Leadership Boot Camp, The Pediatric Boot Camp, and was the first and sole female to be featured as the ICA Practice Success Academy coach. Because of her tremendous impact and contagious leadership, Dr. Barbara was named 2019 Chiropractor of the year by Sherman College of Chiropractic.

She’s shared the stage with other remarkable entrepreneurs, including Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Mike Michalowicz, and Trina Felber. Dr. Barbara is well known for being the catalyst for exponential growth, having contagious energy, and possessing an unquenchable thirst for helping entrepreneurs deeply understand how thinking creates their reality.

Meet the expert

Chelsea Avery

NEW this year! My Creative Director and Keynote Speaker Coach, Chelsea Avery, is joining us!

Chelsea Turner Avery is an international speaker, world champion public speaking coach, and creator of two currently tiny human beings!

She will be joining Dr. Barbara Eaton for the 2022 Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp in Nashville this year! Have you ever wondered what makes some people amazing at public speaking or rocking their social media videos while others leave something to be desired?

Chelsea will be showing us step by step how to dig deep to find our message and then speak confidently from the heart so our audiences take action.

Public speaking is a LEARNED skill; it’s not something you’re either born with or not. This is exciting, because it means you are capable of totally rocking the stage or your videos, even if you haven’t in the past!

Where You’ll Stay (And PLAY!)...

Gaylord Opryland Resort

Experience a uniquely crafted stay at the boldest hotel in Nashville. The Gaylord Opryland Resort is an immersive hospitality experience that eliminates boundaries. The Opryland directly connects to Nashville's best shopping, restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

We’ll Hang Out Downtown and at the Gaylord Opryland Resort...

We have scheduled time for everyone to have the chance to explore both downtown Nashville and the Gaylord Opryland Resort. Take this opportunity to meet new friends, discover new places and hear some great live music! There is no set schedule, feel free to plan and invite others to join you!

The Game-Changer Your Business Has Been WAITING For...

Here’s the deal… 


The idea of pinpointing one thing to "move the needle" is too narrow. It's time we start using data in order create a personalized approach for your business — because guesswork is for hobbies, not highly successful, freedom-rich brands like yours!


That’s why I am going to such lengths to create this highly transformative opportunity for you. I care about you. Your success matters greatly to me.

The customized business strategy and marketing plan that I hold your hand to create at this event enables you to say goodbye to missed deadlines and marketing chaos. You and your team will know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, every single time freeing you up to do what you love...serve your practice members instead of put out fires.

Never again will the words, "I'm just not good at business" pass over your lips. It's time to be a savvy business owner who is a chiropractor. You will serve way more people and earn a significantly higher pay check, while enjoying more free time, when your come from is as an entrepreneur in the chiropractic space instead of a chiropractor who hopes to one day "make it."


The perfect place to celebrate 2023, create memories, and prepare for 2024!

Bring your family and enjoy a special Nashville Christmas!


The Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp checks ALL of the right boxes…

  • Connect with like-minded individuals 

  • Grow business acumen

  • Family Fun 

  • Romantic Get Away with your “Plus One”

  • GSD for 2023

  • Meet other “Plus Ones”

You will love the FUN, connection, AND the feeling that you are securely sitting in the driver’s seat of your business for a ROCK “EM ALIVE 2023!

Bring your team and get ready for 2024!


The Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp checks ALL of the right boxes…

Connect with Like-Minded Individuals 

Grow Business Acumen

Workshop with Industry Leaders

Learn About Brain-centric Design

GSD for 2024

Grow Your Knowledge

Bring Your Team

You will love the FUN, connection, AND the feeling that you are securely sitting in the driver’s seat of your business for a ROCK “EM ALIVE 2024!

Choose your favorite investment option (Early Bird)

Early Bird, Before October 31st

Single Payment:


4 Payments:


After October 31st

Single Payment:


5 Payments:


Want To Bring Your Team?

Let’s Recap! Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Today...

  • Deep, meaningful connections with like-minded people

  • Discover how to specifically boost your practice’s efficiency

  • Evaluate and run your business as a CCO, CFO, CMO, and CEO

  • 12 Month Customized Marketing PLAN, not just a list of ideas and to dos

  • 5 Elements Of Core Messaging

  • Review Of Your 2022 Marketing Through The Conversion Lens

  • Brain-Centric Design Applied To Your Marketing

  • Financial Templates To Keep You On Track

  • Learn how to use your stats to create a tailor-made comprehensive business strategy to smash your goals

  • Identify Key Profit Channels In Your Practice

  • A MAJOR confidence boost that just keeps growing

  • Goal Setting That Aligns With Your Culture

  • Identifying Where You Get Stuck And Feel Unmotivated

  • 7 hours of hands-on, individual and group exercises

  • Return to the office with items checked off your list instead of adding stuff to your To Do List that never gets done and leaves you feeling guilty and disenchanted

Not Sure What You Will Get Out Of This?

Are You IN? 

It’s Time To Take ACTION!

Remember, there are only 40 30 spots available! I absolutely cannot add in any more given the intensity of personalized service, coaching, analysis, and training that will take place.

Register now and get ready for our best event yet!

Grab your seat. COMMIT first and then figure out the rest later.

Make it happen.

frequently asked questions


The Gaylord Opryland Resort. The Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp was hosted here LIVE for the first time in 2020. We all LOVED it, which is why we're returned in 2022. Come a little early and stay a little'll be so glad that you did.

There are endless options for dining throughout the resort and we’re close to Broadway, which is where all of the honky tonks are.

Grab your room by calling 1-877-351-5021 or following this link to grab your room. We have a block, so ask for The 56-Day Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp block rate. It’s a base rate of $239. Yes, there are fees after that.


Yes, bring each team member who you want to raise up and fully develop as a major service and profit center.


Yes, absolutely! The Gaylord Opryland Resort is a destination location, meaning people come from all over the world just to experience the resort. There's a big indoor water park, endless restaurants, and things to do for the whole family while you're attending the event sessions. My husband, and several other +1s, will be having fun on Broadway street while we're in session. Your spouse/+1 is welcome to join them and then we'll all connect up in the evenings.


Here is a link <p></p> for our Google Sheet. This is where we all connect to ride share to and from the airport. Either way, input your travel information and connect with other Boot Campers to ride share, if you desire.

Click here for the sheet!


Business casual. Dress for success, while being comfortable too.


Your registration includes on ticket to The Listening Room Cafe on Thursday night. We’ll all be together to hear some wonderful up-and-coming artists. We’ll have dinner there. Keep an eye out for the email to choose your meal. We are ordering ahead of time so that we are served promptly when we arrive. Drinks are not included at The Listening Room Cafe.

Everyone is “on their own” Friday and Saturday night. We all ended up going out together while we were in Nashville last time. I am sure we’ll move around the city like a bee hive again this year, too.


During lunch on Friday, we will celebrate the WINNING 90-Day Sprint Team (Dr Shauna's) and whichever team wins the 60-Day Sprint Team happening now. If you are one of the winning teams, lunch is on me. If you are one of the sprint coaches, lunch is on me.

If you are not on one of the WINNING teams, please still join us!! YES, bring your family, or team members, too. Just grab a spot for them on the check out page.

I will be making this reservation November 8th so grab your spot ASAP. After this date, you won’t be able to join us. Be watching for an email with more details. You will receive a separate email to choose your menu option so that our lunch is on the table waiting for us. This drastically increases efficiency.


It will be delivered to you via email November 1st, 2022. This workbook is for participants and their teams only!

Please look at it immediately and do the homework BEFORE coming to Nashville.


No Refunds/Cancellations/Apply to Future Event will be given for any reason. If you cannot make it, you are welcome to sell your ticket to someone else. The terms and price are between you and them.

If you have chosen the 3-payments option instead of a single payment, you are responsible for the entire investment. No refunds will be given if you’re unable to complete the full investment.


The Gaylord Opryland Resort. The Ultimate Marketing Boot Camp Was Hosted Here LIVE For The First Time In 2020. We All LOVED It, Which Is Why We're Returned In 2023. Come A Little Early And Stay A Little Late...You'll Be So Glad That You Did. There Are Endless Options For Dining Throughout The Resort And We’re Close To Broadway, Which Is Where All Of The Honky Tonks Are. SHOULD I BRING MY ENTIRE TEAM? Yes, Bring Each Team Member Who You Want To Raise Up And Fully Develop As A Major Service And Profit Center. CAN MY SPOUSE/FAMILY COME? Yes, Absolutely! The Gaylord Opryland Resort Is A Destination Location, Meaning People Come From All Over The World Just To Experience The Resort. There's A Big Indoor Water Park, Endless Restaurants, And Things To Do For The Whole Family While You're Attending The Event Sessions.


Business Casual. Dress For Success, While Being Comfortable Too.  


There are endless things to do both in Nashville and at the Gaylord Opryland Resort! Explore Downtown and check out all the up and coming musicians and try the cuisine. There is an indoor waterpark at the resort along with ice sculptures, sledding, ice skating and so much more!


It Will Be Delivered To You Via Email As the Event Draws Near.  


No Refunds/Cancellations/Apply To Future Event Will Be Given For Any Reason. If You Cannot Make It, You Are Welcome To Sell Your Ticket To Someone Else. The Terms And Price Are Between You And Them.

If You Have Chosen The 3-Payments Option Instead Of A Single Payment, You Are Responsible For The Entire Investment. No Refunds Will Be Given If You’re Unable To Complete The Full Investment.  

This will FOR SURE be a completely transformative and unforgettable experience! 

I cannot wait!


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